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Our experience in working with architects, engineers, contractors and interior designers allows us to provide you with expert advice and recommendations to solve your glare and fading concerns.
To the general public a thin film can appear a simple yet non evasive process of installation. However, the thin film is not your average seran wrap you apply on your food it is a complex piece of film with individual properties that require skill and training to install properly to manufactures spec in order to qualify the mfg. warranty its supplied with service tint shop, dealing with auto, residential, commercial window tinting jobs, and vinyl graphics.


A+ Advanced Tinting has staff with the more that 15 years experience. Our Window Films helps the incoming sunlight to be welcoming, rather than damaging. If you own a home with large windows you may have had trouble with the sun’s rays fading your furniture, carpet and curtains. With A+ Advanced Tinting expert installation and top of the line products you can prevent sun damage from affecting the interior of your home.

After you have had A+ Advanced Tinting apply the window film to your windows you will notice an increase in comfort of the interior of your home or office. Our films can reduce up to 80% of the sun’s heat that comes through the windows. You may also see a reduction in your utility bill. Your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to keep you cool.

Hi my name is Sergio Sanabria, I am the owner of A+ Advanced Tinting. We are licensed and bonded company backed up by a $2,000,000.00 coverage.


All of the tinting film products that A Plus Advanced Tinting sells block out 99% of the ultraviolet rays. While heat and light are also factors in fading, It is the ultraviolet rays that do most damage to the interior of your home. Expensive furniture, custom made window treatments and even flooring can be faded and damaged permanently by the harsh solar energy. These window films can also block up to 93% of the sun’s glare. Getting rid of most of the glare is ever so easy on the eyes.

we have become the provider of top of the line Safety and Security Window Films. This amazingly thin film can turn any window into a safe and secure storm window. Whether it is high winds, intruders or even hail this window film can prevent broken glass from flying out of the frame. It keeps the glass intact in its frame even if it is broken. The aggressive adhesive contains the glass particles together with the 4-6 mil film rather than having shards flying around into your home or business and preventing injuring you and your family.

A Plus Advanced Tinting is a licensed and bonded contractor and can also protect your businesses with large windows.