Commercial tinting has always been a staple service at A+ Advanced Tinting, Inc. Californians deserve to have the option to avoid the near year round heat. Let our well educated sales service team members discuss all the options of security & color privacy.

Security Film

When the privacy of your corporate assets are your main concern, Security Film is the only solution. Store fronts who require security film now have options. Security Film has many benefits that will aid their business. Security film can be the difference between a costly late night theft and knowing that your assets are protected. The film is designed to reinforce the glass. Therefore causing a significant delay to any unwanted entry. The film can also be tinted to ensure that the identity of employees is kept safe. When it comes to over-all safety and keeping your company from thieves it is clear that our films are the only defense that you can trust.

Graffiti Film

When it comes to protecting your businesses reflective surfaces against crime you now have a clear choice. Graffiti film adds an additional layer of armor to your company’s assets. It’ s a simple choice that can save you thousands of hard earned dollars over time. The film can be easily applied and removed in any area. As a result it doesn’t cause a deter foot traffic or create noise in an office building. The process of applying it is similar to window tinting. As a result this makes it it an easy process to install in any setting. The paint can be wiped off depending on the material. Therefore keeping the film intact, while preserving the glass. In conclusion graffiti film is the end all be all solution to all of your vandalism problems.