Decorative Film

Decorative film creates a mystique aura that provides businesses and residences with a sleek look. A+ Advanced Tinting Inc. is the only service you can trust to produce quality results for an affordable price. When you apply a layer of decorative film to a surface it is creating a unique look that will in turn make a unique memory. Please take a moment to see why choosing our service can be a lucrative investment for your business.

Benefits of using decorative film

Light filtering

Giant open windows look amazing and provide an aesthetic to a building that is unmatched. Unfortunately we all know there are some down sides having these lavish windows. There are certain hours in the day where the sun can provide too much natural lighting. Applying a layer of decorative film will add to the mystery of the room. Most notably it diffuses light making softer lighting and casting softer shadows.

Creating Harmonious Environments

A little goes a long way is a motto that can be applied to many things in life, decorating your office can now be added to that list. The doorways to an office can now look like the gateway to unlimited opportunities. Adding decorative film to your office doors adds texture and depth to any professional business space. We can show you how small upgrade to your property’s look can increase your revenue, producing dramatic results.

Maintaining an Image

Applying a logo to your glass panels can now be achieved for a fair price . A+ Advance Tinting Inc. can provide quality service that is second to none when it comes to applying a logo decal. Logos are perfect for creating revenue and sustaining store traffic. Having logos installed in plan view is the key to earning your company’s Identity. The men and women on our installation team take time and care when applying the window film. We make sure to clear all dust and foreign particles from the glass when applying the film. Anything that gets between the adhesive and the glass panel will decrease the length of time that the logo will stay applied. Improve the overall look of your property with our logo window films

Decorative Film