Graffiti film

Some may look at graffiti as a work of art. However business owners think otherwise. Finding your property destroyed by graffiti can be any owners nightmare. When you consider the cost it takes to repair the damage it can make your stomach turn. Glass panels can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace. Whenever you have to replace a panel of glass its not just the panel you pay for. The bill for graffiti damage adds up. As a matter of fact its not just the glass that is paid for. The cost comes from the labor it takes to clean it along with the labor it takes to replace it. A+ Advanced Tinting can help protect you from the damage that criminals can cause with graffiti film.

Intentional Harm

When people leave graffiti on your property their intentions are to be disruptive to your business. The ugly marks graffiti leaves can damage your image. Although it is not your fault the nasty marks graffiti leaves can alter costumer traffic. The unsightly stains of graffiti leave a negative impression on your business. Of course there has to be something that can be done to prevent these crimes? Well… the answer is no. we cant stop them. However there is a product we carry that can offer you protection. Graffiti film is an economical solution that can solve all of your vandalism problems. Graffiti film adds multiple layers of protection to glass that is rated for areas that would be targeted for intentional defacement.

Replacement costs

The great thing about Graffiti film is that it can be removed and replaced in minutes. Actually, it can be removed without causing damage to the glass or the surrounding surfaces. Graffiti film is made to be thicker than your typical Security film. Using this thicker film allows for the lifespan to be tripled, thus reducing frequency and the cost of reapplication. Another benefit of using security film is that when it does need to be replaced you don’t need to close off sections of the sidewalk to clear a safty zone. As a matter of fact it makes fixing damaged glass in a office space a disruptive task.

Stop allowing late night mischief be the a burden on your company’s revenue and let A+ Advance Tinting be your vandalism solution.
graffiti film