Scratched Glass Removal

Glass is known to get damaged. It shatters, it cracks or it gets scratched. In most situations if there is damage done to glass you will want to replace the panel. Handling scratched glass is no joke.  Although in some cases there is a chance the panel can be saved. Consider this, if there is only a small amount of damage done to a glass panel, let us come check it out . Save time and money by calling A+ Advanced Tinting Inc to remove those hideous scratches.

Leave it to the Pros

Scratched glass can leave your store front looking undesirable to customers ultimately deterring their business. At the same time the cost to replace glass panels can be expensive. Why repair them? Is it that much cheaper than a replacement? First and foremost removal of glass requires patience and can be an extremely daunting task. Furthermore the task can be stressful because the glass needs to be handled with extreme caution. In addition any wrong movements could break the glass and cause possible life threatening injuries. It seems like a replacement is not the best option. Lets go over our scratch removal process and see if it fits you.

The process

Our professionals here at A+ Advanced Tinting will make it look like a breeze as they handle your property with the care. As a matter of fact the first step they take is making sure that all particles are removed from the glass surface. Failing to do this can possibly damage the window even more than it was before the fix was attempted. They go through multiple stages of sanding and grades of grit to make sure the surface is smooth like it did the day it was installed. Finally the last step is to polish the glass back to a glossy finish, thus leaving your window looking good as new.

We take pride in our window repair service guaranteeing that our service is next to no other glass scratch removal services in the area.
repairing scratched glass

Were the causes of your scratches due to local graffiti taggers?  We recommend after getting your scratches repaired getting our graffiti film to further protect your windows. Leaving your window venerable isn’t the best idea.  It will cause you to pay every time to repair scratched windows. Furthermore costing you thousands in repairs. City’s big or small can be rough areas, in fact some of the smallest towns can have the worst graffiti problems. Our graffiti film will prevent these vandals from causing damage.  Ultimately saving you money over time.