Security Film

Security window film is designed to keep glass intact in the event of a break in.  If you are located in a densely populated residential area, chances are the crime rate is higher than it would be in a suburban area. Why should your companies well-being be at the risk of having an after hours break in turn into a quarter of making back profits lost. Consequently leading to a string of repeat offenders.  Choosing A+ Advanced Tinting Inc. to install your security film can be the end of your late night worries.

Delay Intrusion

Security film treatment is designed to delay the process of an intruder from breaking in. Adding security film to your windows creates an extra layer of protection. It alone cant stop the intruder but it can give you an upper-hand when it comes to protecting your business from a possible intrusion. Security film is a layer of film that coats the outside of your window panel. This coating of film will prevent the glass from being scattered throughout the air upon sudden impact. The material that the film is mad of can withstand multiple impacts from baseball bats, golf clubs, even bullets. In most cases an intruder will flee once they see the security film has prevented them from going in. If they don’t you now have time to make a plan and take action.

Fortify the Weakest point

When you install Security film on your windows you are protecting the weakest point of your house or business. When an intruder is going to break into your house or bushiness they are going to look for the weakest point and that is your biggest window. Security film can be used on even the biggest slider doors and still offer the same protection. The sole purpose and design of the security window film is to grab the glass shards as soon as a sudden impact happens. It can withstand multiple gunshots and impacts from melee weapons before giving in. Buying you the time you need to resolve the situation.

Security film prevents break ins