APlus Advanced Tinting protecting your family from harmful UV rays and heat

Over 15 years experience in Commercial and Residential window tinting.  We also offer various decorative films. Add privacy to windows with a layer of frost film. Create a design and we can apply it to the glass for that modern look.  Contact our A plus Advanced Tinting for more information.

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Storms, earthquakes, chemical explosions, bomb blasts, overhead/sloped glazing, theft, and vandalism are all risks that our SafetyShield films can help to mitigate. The addition of Madico’s SafetyShield films and our Anchoring Restraint Systems dramatically improves security for all buildings. It’s 24/7 passive protection that you can rely on the instant a threat occurs.

While our products certainly can’t prevent crime or natural disasters from taking place, they can dramatically affect the outcome of these events. When windows give way, shards of glass and debris can cause severe danger and damage. In fact, a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments. Flying glass shards are a major cause of severe injury, and even death. Blown out windows also expose your building’s interior to vandals, water, wind, and other perils. SafetyShield® protective film provides a “shield” on windows which reduces the risk of glass breakage.

Window tinting commercial property helps cut down heat and air costs.  Controlled sunlight helps promote a healthy work environment. Protect your interior from sun damage today.

Direct sun light in your living space can damage your furniture. Untreated windows allow UV rays in which in turn raise your AC bill.  Save money & live in an environment where you control the sunlight.   Contact A Plus Advanced Tinting for more info.

Decorative films are great for allowing light in while offering privacy.  We offer many different grades and designs to fulfill your needs.


-Sunscape by Madico (premium)
-Madico Window Films
-American Standard Window Films
-Hanita Window Films
-LLUMAR Window Films


-Decorative Window Films ( Over 100 Different Choices )
-Johnson’s Window Films
-Bekart Window Films
-Wintech Window Films
– Avery Vinyls

When glass windows get scratched who should you call? A Plus Advanced Tinting!We can remove scratches on any glass window.  Most cases scratches can be removed, restoring sight. This option is always better than replacing the glass window.

Security films help reduce the risk of injury and property damage. The only choice for preventing damage from storms and home invasions. Available in a wide range of tints, styles, and grades. Our films are specially designed to protect your window from even the strongest storm winds debris.

Consider the cost of replacing vandalized windows a thing of the past. A+ Advanced Tinting Inc. has a solution to that will keep the damage to a minimal. Check out graffiti film , and see how it can stop the damage.

Servicing in Santa Monica, western Los Angeles County Hollywood and Beverly Hills area.  Call for questions about the service and make an appointment.